Replacement and naturalization of a driving license issued by a foreign authority

      The procedures are simple as long as they are organized.


The Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar calls on Malagasy citizens living in Hungary to extend or renew their expired passport at the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris.

The Embassy of Madagascar in France is currently equipped with necessary materials for issuance of new electronic passports.

All Malagasy nationals residing in Europe are called to renew their passports and to provide in this respect all the required documents listed below:

Renewal of National Passport:

  • Application Form (To be printed and filled in!)
  • Photocopy of the old or expired passport.
  • Full copy of birth certificate less than six months.
  • Two recent passport photos (neither glasses nor earrings).
  • Certificate or card of residence (in Europe).
  • Photocopy of the National Identity Card.
  • Certificate of nationality.
  • Certificate of employment (optional)
  • of the family booklet or marriage certificate for married persons.
  • Subject to production of other documents deemed useful.
  • Charge of 90 Euros (Art. 14 bis of Decree No. 2014-192) of April 08, 2014.

  • Address:                4 Avenue Raphaël, 75016 Paris, France
    Phone:                  +33 9 83 32 45 15
    Opening hours:     from Monday to Friday: between 09:00 and 16:00 hours.

    Authentication of Document

    Before going to the Embassy of Madagascar in Paris, please contact the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest, in order that the Consulate credibly authenticates all documents issued by Madagascar and the Hungarian authorities.
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    Replacement and naturalization of a driving license issued by a foreign authority


    1. Name of the competent body

  • In case of naturalization of a foreign driving license, the Central Office for Public Administration and Electronic Public Services (KEKKH) is the competent body. )
  • Address: 1133 Budapest XIII., Visegrádi utca 110-112.

  • 2. Jurisdiction

    As of 01 January 2013, duties related to the naturalization of a driving license, issued by a third country authority, fall within the exclusive competence of KEKKH. The procedure for the nationalization of a driving license issued by a third country authority may be applied for at the Central Office Personal Customer Service (1133 Budapest XIII, Visegrádi utca 110-112.).

    3. Documentation required for administration

    Documents to be presented at administration:

  • valid documents validating identity (identity card, passport)
  • for a foreign national, a document certifying the country of normal residence
  • • a certificate of passing a course-free exam (if the validity of the driving license can not be established even after the authentic Hungarian translation)

  • Documents to be attached to the administration:

  • >driving license issued by a foreign authority
  • Medical opinion certifying medical aptitude / fitness, if the period of health aptitude / fitness can not be determined from the foreign driving license or deviates from the period specified in the Hungarian legislation
  • document containing the statement giving the driving license
  • certificate attesting to the payment of administrative service charge for the driving license
  • Certificate of aptitude / fitness for a professional as a professional driver
  • a certified translation into Hungarian of a foreign driving license (if the country where the driving license was issued did not join the 1968 Vienna Road Transport Convention)

  • 4. Method of submission of the document instituting the proceedings (application)
  • Only personally.

  • 5. Amount of process duty (administrative service charge)

    In case of naturalization of a foreign driving license:
  • fee for the naturalization of a foreign driving license, issued by a third country, is HUF 6.200
  • If a course-free exam is required, an administrative service fee of HUF 4,500 per exam will be payable to the traffic management authority. ..
  • Fees may be paid on the spot by credit card.

  • 6. Over-validating Documents - WORTHLY IMPORTANT !!!!!

    Before going to the Hungarian Public Administration / Public Administration Office (KEKKH), please contact the Consulate of Madagascar in Budapest, in order that the Consulate credibly authenticates all documents issued by the Madagascar Authority.
    (Refer to "CONSULATE"    page
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    The procedures are simple as long as they are organized.

    Why spend his retirement in Madagascar?

    Madagascar is a destination that can be enjoyable for retired people. Climate, low cost of living, leisure and culture, many of the assets of this island in the Indian Ocean can attract more than one retiree.
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    Important Information

    That should be known: :

    Address of the Consulate:
    1026 Budapest, Sövény utca 3.
    from Monday to Thursday: 11:00 - 15:00,
    ONLY by previous registration on arrival.


    Useful information

    The main island is the fourth largest island in the World, located in the Indian Ocean. It is famous for pepper, vanilla, and of course the Lemurs. Its population 90% malagasy, 5% europeans, 3% asiatics (indo-pakistanis and chinese), 2% others.
      + Languages: malagasy (the official national language), french and english.
      + State form : Republic, of which:
         - Executive - president, prime minister, cabinet;      - Legislative - National Assembly and Senat;      - Juridical - Supreme Court, High Court of Justice, Constitutional High Court
      + Capital of Madagascar: Antananarivo (1 300 000 inhab.)

    1. Climate

    Two seasons noticeable:

       + Austral summer (from November to March): hot and humid
       + Austral winter (from April to October): dry season, fairly cold on the high lands

    2. Hygienic provisions

    There is no safe tap water so be prepared with bottled water. The only other option is rice water (water used to cook rice, which will therefore have been boiled). Particularly important to plan ahead if visiting rural areas. In towns, roadside drink stands, stores, and bars are plentiful. Most sell a range of drinks including bottled water, Coca Cola and Madagascar's beer, Three Horses Beer ("THB"). You can also try the bubblegum flavored soda 'Bonbon Anglais'.

    3. Currency

    Malagasy Ariary.
    Actually  1 euro = 3 891 Ariary (Refer to Exchange rates)
              1 HUF    = 12.58 Ariary
    In general, banks, hotels and retail outlets accept credit cards, travelers checks and foreign currency.

    4. Stay safe

    Madagascar is a fairly safe country.
    You must, however, respect some simple principles:

  • Don't walk around at night in big cities.
  • Don't show signs of riches (cameras, jewels, ...).
  • Don't resist in case of aggression.
  • Keep your eyes on your stuff when you take public transportation or go to markets where numerous pickpockets swarm.
    It should also be noted that, like any other third world country, the presence of beggars never goes unnoticed. This is sometimes uncomfortable for tourists, but these people should be respected none-the-less. They are, predictably, attracted to foreigners and will not hesitate to ask for a hand out. It is recommended that you do not give money, but other useful items, such as a banana, a piece of bread, etc. It is usually accepted with gratitude, and if the beggar is a child, he will run away with a smile on his face.

    5. Telecomunication

    International calls can be arranged at post offices, prepaid or pay phone or a mobile phone (taxiphone