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    Updated: 28 November 2021

    The Honorary Consul

    My name is Randrianasolo Lalarison Richard Louis, malagasy citizen. I live with my family in Hungary since 1980. My wife is hungarian, we have two daughters - one of them who is the eldest is married, the younger is civil engineer - and also we have a beautiful grand-daughter.
    By the middle of 1974 year I came to Europe to follow up my university studies, first at all at the former Soviet Union, where I spent six years at the People's Friendship University of Moscow to become "Oil-Mining Engineer" (1980). After that when arriving in Budapest-Hungary, I obtained firstly the degree of "Programmer-Mathematician" (1988) from the Budapest Eőtvős Loránd University (Hungary), and then a postgraduate degree in "Digital Control" Engineer (1990) from the Budapest Kálmán Kandó Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Hungary). In 1992, I was awarded a "postgraduate degree in Economics and Finance" by the Business School of Rouen (NEOMA Business School), France, and went further to pursue a postgraduate degree in EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration - 1994) study at Purdue University, - Krannert School of Management - , West Lafayette, USA.
    As oil-mining engineer I started to apply working (1980-1989: for MOL Magyarország - Hungarian Oil Company) in Budapest (Hungary), later as IT (Information Technology) manager (1989-1991: for MMG Automatic Works - Budapest, Hungary), and afterwards as economist, financial analyst, financial manager / regional commercial management controller-manager (1991-2009: for Unilever Hungary, Budapest) and business managing director (2009- : for my own private business) .
    During my long stay in Hungary, a feeling of estrangement from my country, Madagascar became more and more tangible. I also wished to broaden the Hungarians’ knowledge about my country so as they would know more than just the name of Móric Benyovszky.
    Therefore, I though that a closer official relation between the two countries would be useful.
    My friends supported my idea to file a petition to the Foreign Office of Madagascar asking that the Republic of Madagascar initiate direct official contact with the Republic of Hungary.
    My petition was approved and in May 2004, the President of the Republic of Madagascar confirmed my position as Honorary Consul of Madagascar in Hungary.
    In January 2005 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary assented to the opening of the Consulate of the Republic of Madagascar to Hungary.

    The task and role of the Honorary Consul

    What does it take to be a honorary consul?

    - The activity, task and role of the honorary consul is ascertained in the Agreement signed on 24 April, 1963 in Vienna.
    The tasks of the honorary consul are specified by regulations. They can be carried out by co-operating closely with the consulates and the diplomatic representatives.

    Where does the Honorary Consul stand in the diplomatic hierarchy?

    - The honorary consul belongs to the Consulate. In the diplomatic hierarchy the Consulate follows Embassy and the Consulate General of the given country representing the country abroad.

    Who can be a Honorary Consul?

    - Such person or citizen of the host country can be nominated and named to be honorary consul who has high public esteem, and who is suitable for filling such a position due to his social status, financial situation, clean legal record and education.

    What is your task?

    -The primary task of the newly founded Consulate, and thus mine as well, is to develop commercial, economic, cultural, scientific and tourist relations between Madagascar and Hungary and to represent the interests and to act as a counsel for citizens of Madagascar, for any legal person or organisation without legal personality.

    What do you consider to be your most important task?

    - The tasks of the honorary consul are wide-ranging and every task is equally important: developing relations, giving information, as well as representing interests. Naturally it is important to take part in every action that can add to the reputation and prestige of Madagascar in Hungary.

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    "Madagascar travel guide"

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    EAN-13: 9789630834063

    The book can be purchased at the following address:
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    Consular consultation

      The Consulate introduces a consultation hour fee for:

      (1) business opportunities in Madagascar (start-ups, business visas, etc.);
      (2) other matters (Madagascar nationality, family reunification issues, marriage certificate transcription issues,issues related to expired national passports, social areas (such as foundation, school building, etc.), issuing of Attestation or Certificate for offcial purposes ect ....

      In such cases, we are unable to provide information, advice by telephone nor by e-mail.

      Fee for the consultation or consular fee on other matters is HUF 20,000 per hour , which is prepaid and non-refundable.

    Please consult the Consulate to asking date and hours for your consultation.

    1026-Budapest, Sövény u.3.
    Tel: +36 20 3444 668
      e-mail: consul.budapest@madagaszkar.hu

    Entry visa

    Entry visa may be required at the Consulate
    (refer to Visa page).